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How to Create a Mottled Background For Your Grayscale Coloring Page in Pigment

If you like to color your grayscale pages digitally and you fancy trying something different, how about creating a mottled background using the Pigment app? This is so simple to do – and gets quite addicting 🙂

The mottled background is made up of lots of ‘digital splashes’ of color. Because we have set the transparency slider to give a high level of transparency, the effect is subtle as you start to build up the layers.

Keep tapping away! Try using different color combinations and see what works best. You can always save this version and try a new version to compare. That’s the great thing about digital coloring 🙂 It’s OK to go over the main character. That’s the best way to make the background look natural.

The eraser tool will allow you to clean any color off the main image. You can zoom in using two fingers which are pushed apart when on the screen to get close into the detail.

…and it’s as simple as that 🙂 I have done this in Pigment app, however you can achieve the same effect in any painting app that allows freehand painting.