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Introduction To MediBang Paint Pro For Coloring Grayscale Coloring Pages

MediBang Paint Pro is a free, highly featured art app which is perfect for coloring grayscale coloring pages. Yes, there’s a learning curve (this is an app which many people use for creating comics and other artwork) and there are many features we simply won’t need for grayscale coloring, however when we weigh this up against the fact it is free (there are many paid for apps which are nowhere near as fully features), that you can use a high resolution coloring page (many coloring apps have low resolution files) and you can use it on any device (start coloring on your phone and finish on your tablet), it’s got to be worth taking a look at.

Note: There are ads on MediBang, some are simply ads to their own services, but others aren’t. I just ignore them. They aren’t too intrusive and there’s currently no way to pay for a premium service to switch them off.

The image above shows you where to find things on your MediBang screen. I said there’s a lot there 😉 I’ve highlighted the features that you will use. If you want to explore and try others then that’s great – but we’ll start with these basics.

Loading a Grayscale Coloring Page to Color

To load an image simply click on the ‘Import’ icon. You will be prompted to browse and import an image from your gallery.

Navigating the Working Area in MediBang Paint Pro

You’ll find the brushes and colors on the left and the layers on the right. You can create more space by closing the layers panel (click icon as you can see in the video below) and you can expand the brushes panel by clicking on the star at the bottom left)

There are a range of different brushes you can use in MediBang. Just like ‘real’ brushes, each gives a different effect. Click on the brush you want to use and you can adjust the size and opacity of each brush.

In addition to the brushes that add color to your page, there are also other tools, such as the smudge and blur tool which soften the edges, and the erase tool which, well, erases 🙂

One of the features of many painting and photo manipulation apps and software is layers (if you are not sure what this is, check out this short tutorial).

You add new layers by clicking the + sign on the layers panel on the right. Choose the blending option you require to blend the colors into the grayscale background.

How to Save and Export in MediBang

You have two options to save or export your work. If you save your work you can keep the layers etc so you can continue working on your artwork. If you export you export the ‘finished’ version in either JPG or PNG format. One of the features of MediBang is that it works on many different devices, so if you save a document, you can open it on another device to continue where you left off (you have to register for this feature – but it’s free).

So that’s just a quick walk through of how MediBang works. It looks complicated, but if you just concentrate on the features you need, this is a great way to digitally color grayscale coloring pages.


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